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Earth developers LLC, is one of the recent initiatives of AL ABBAS Group aimed at dominating the Real Estate Sector. With a firm target of creating a premiere real estate company in the UAE within the next 5 years, Earth Developers have ventured into various business segments within the real estate market. Our expertise and knowledge of local market and trends enable us to secure the best property deals suited to the budgets of our international, regional and local clients.

Earth Developers operate in various segments of the real estate market, such as:-

1. Investment and development

In line with the real estate boom, Earth Developers projects provides an excellent platform for investments. One of our prestigious projects is the LYNX located at the Dubai Silicon Oasis a technology free-zone. LYNX is a premium property within a premium community. Thoughtfully designed, LYNX reflects 21st century dynamism in its sleek design and functionality catering to both, your home and your business. It is truly a haven which will appeal to both your heart and your mind.

2. Brokerage Services

Catering to the needs of significant growth and development of the economy in the UAE, we provide service in procurement of property anywhere in the UAE based on our customers requirements. Whether for lease, rent or ownership, Earth Developers team of brokers will ensure that you get the best bargain in town.

3. Lease, rentals and asset management

Turnkey services can be provided including lease and rental services, complete building maintenance, security etc. for a fixed annual fee.

We are keen on changing the very texture of the city by offering distinctive and modern residential/office developments, retail offerings and unprecedented investment opportunities. With a customer focused strategy and vision, Earth Developers contribution will be aligned towards the development of society and building icons that will embody style, space and ingenuity for a better tomorrow.

Through strategic alliances and partnerships, our success will be synonymous to the evolution of Dubai as we build a legacy for the future generations to experience.

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