DistribuTech is a group company of Al Abbas Group. With an illustrious legacy of nearly five decades of success and growth, the Al Abbas Group today, is surging ahead into a borderless world of products, services and ultimate customer satisfaction. We are at the vanguard of integrating global technologies and skills to supplement the rich resources of our land.

Established in 1967, the Al Abbas Group is one of the U.A.E.'s most successful and respected business establishments. From modest beginnings, the group today has 24 independent companies.

The quality policy that prevails at Al Abbas has been the guiding philosophy for our entire business-activity spectrum. Our corporate strategy is compatible with our social responsibility as an organization. As we are in the dawn of the new millennium tremendous opportunities, for growth, are awaiting and Al Abbas is well equipped to take on the entrepreneurial challenges, with confidence and pride.

We have our branches in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Oman and Qatar.

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Enterprice Communication

Enterprice Communication
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Digital Marketing

Enterprice Communication
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aKite - Retail Web Services

aKite   Not everything coming through Internet is Cloud Computing. Hosting and virtualization are last century innovations. Cloud Computing is much more. The confusion is due to the fact that Cloud Computing is the terminus of traditional IT and starting station of a completely NEW According to NIST Cloud definition 2 of the 5 essential characteristics are Resource Pooling (multi-tenancy) and Rapid elasticity, not achievable with traditional software. aKite is the first POS and InStore SaaS designed from the ground to leverage all the benefits of a modern Platform (PaaS). The PaaS is a software middleware between infrastructure and application software that manage automatically hw failures, load balancing, sw updates, ... without any service interruption.
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Customer Centria - Loyalty Program

Doccept   Human Resource Management is an important and critical function for any organization to develop, and maintain a competent workforce. While most HRMS solution providers deliver software to automate many HR tasks and produce reports, most companies need more than software - which is they also need access to subject matter expertise. When introducing an HRMS, they must work with a supplier who is willing and able to provide personal advice and assistance when it is needed.
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Focus RT   Quick Data. Quicker Decisions.
FocusRT is a Multi-Tier application that works seamlessly over Local Area Network and the Internet in a distributed business environment. It operates with amazing speed when it is required to update data from remote locations over the internet in real time or in batch mode.

Top Benefits for Business
  1. Track events across business locations
  2. Significantly increase operational efficiencies
  3. Scale up with ease
  4. Quick deployment
  5. High return on investment
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Focus I   ERP Reimagined with Business Intelligence
Focus I is a revolutionary product that combines business intelligence (BI) tools with traditional ERP implementations enabling users to run statistical models, analyze data, extract, and generate business intelligence reports on the go.

Top Benefits for Business
  1. Built in Business Intelligence Tools for Business Growth Analysis
  2. Combine multiple reports from different Modules
  3. Get quick view of your business even on the move on Executive Dashboard
  4. Improve responsiveness to activities that impact your business
  5. Reporting capabilities eliminate the need for a separate reporting tool
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Focus CRM   Move Seamlessly from Sale to Service
Focus CRM gives you a snapshot view of your customer, giving you information on demand and the insight your sales teams need to maximize every customer interaction. It provides a central platform enabling you to analyze, plan, develop and deploy marketing activities.

Top Benefits for Business
  1. Enables you to deliver an outstanding customer experience
  2. Generate insight on customer behavior for your sales team
  3. Track effectiveness of activities and campaigns
  4. Facilitates collaboration between team members
  5. Comprehensive reports help you make informed decisions
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Focus PMS   Rise High with High Rises
Focus PMS is a robust solution that enables quick and efficient services to customers, delivering unmatched experience. Be it a corporate or an individual, the requirement of a property to be sold or purchased or given out on lease in today's concrete jungle is accomplished with ease if you have Focus PMS.

Top Benefits for Business
  1. Gain customer referrals and repeat customers with service efficiency
  2. Expand your business horizon from a single location
  3. Get complete overview of your business on a single screen
  4. Minimize chances of loss due to human error
  5. Enhance alertness to thaw maintenance related complaints
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Port & Hospital Solution    Click here

ePISTM - Enterprise Port Information System

ePISTM   Data-Core's Enterprise Port Information System (e-PISTM) is a robust, secure, scalable, easy-to-integrate and end-to-end web-based enterprise POS solution designed to comprehensively handle vessel and cargo movement in-and-out of ports and to empower and propel port operations effectively and cost-efficiently. This solution integrates all the mission-critical activities of a port along with the related components and agencies.

Primary functionalities of Data-Core's operations & information management solution for global ports are:

  1. Agent Management
  2. Vessel Management
  3. Cargo Operations Management
  4. Port Operations Management
  5. Container Terminal Management
  6. Storage Management
  7. Equipment Management
  8. Intra-port Services Management
  9. Warehouse Management
  10. Railway Operations Management
  11. Human Resource Management
  12. Port Finance Management
  13. Regulatory Compliance Management
  14. Integration with PCS
  15. MIS Reports

The ports those have implemented e-PISTM have derived immense business benefits and have had their operations ready to handle surge in loads and traffic movements. Operations have shown remarkable improvement in efficiency and utilization of port resources and significant reduction in wastages. Vessel turnaround times quicken up, 'idle time' reduce, material handling & tracking become easier while real-time and actionable business intelligence become available for better & informed decision-making. ePISTM ensures better connectivity and service to agents, logistics operators, liners, regulatory authorities, port community systems, etc.

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MediSoft+ - Comprehensive Hospital Operations & Information Management System

MediSoft   MediSoft+ Professional Edition is a web-based, enterprise-grade Hospital Information Management System catering to the end-to-end process automation, administrative and clinical information management of healthcare providers including Hospitals, Medical Colleges, Nursing Homes, Research Organizations and other Healthcare Units.

MediSoft+ broadly comprises of the following modules (refer brochure for details):

  1. Patient Information Management
  2. Electronic Health Records
  3. Emergency, OPD & IPD Management
  4. Clinical Care Management
  5. Ward, Bed & OT Management
  6. Pharmacy, Pathology, Radiology Management
  7. Nursing & Housekeeping Management
  8. Stores/Inventory/Medical Equipment/Blood Bank Management
  9. Billing & Insurance Management
  10. Accounts, Costing & Fixed Asset Management
  11. HR & Payroll Management
  12. Ambulance & Vehicle Management
  13. Telemedicine
  14. Management Dashboards (available over smart phones & devices)

MediSoft+ follows n-tier architecture and is cloud ready, leveraging Windows Azure platform. The product's technical architecture has been built on the MS .Net Framework with Oracle back-end. It is a strong combination of best-in-class and globally adopted healthcare processes and standards, metrics and latest technology, packaged in an amazingly fluid and user-friendly interface. MediSoft+ adds distinct value to your healthcare initiatives, providing for phenomenally higher process efficiency, significantly better patient care and distinct competitive edge to your healthcare business.

Data-Core's Healthcare Managed Services Division specializes in Electronic Health Records (EHR) Services, Revenue Cycle Management, Medical Coding, Billing, Payment Management, Research Data Management, Healthcare Analytics, etc.

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Document Management Solution    Click here

Doccept - Electronic Document Management System

Doccept   Document management is very important for organizations to the reach the goal of "Paperless offices". In today's world, organizations of all sizes possess and manage a legacy of paper documents, accumulate a rapidly growing share of electronic documents, and anticipate a future that is mostly, but not entirely, electronic.

The common problems that organizations usually face are:

  1. Massive scope of operations in varied geographies mean large volumes of data of varied genre being created at dispersed locations
  2. Creation of documents that need to be controlled at every stage, from source to dossiers and disposal
  3. Document review, approval and revision thru version control
  4. Document distribution, retrieval and archiving
  5. Storage, safety and administration of documents
  6. Sharing of documents across multiple locations - secure access outside of an office
  7. Time and effort spent in recreating content that already exists somewhere within the organization
  8. Maintaining an audit trail and change history of important business documents

A Document Management System (DMS) acts as a traffic cop at the cross-roads of the information highway: controlling, organizing and directing the flow of information/files.

Document Management is an essential requirement in industries like Biotech & Pharmaceuticals, Media & Telecom, Manufacturing, Banking/Financial Services, and Tax/Accounting, where there are large amounts of client and organizational information needing to show transaction history and to be stored over long periods of time.

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KensiumHR - Human Resource Management

Doccept   Human Resource Management is an important and critical function for any organization to develop, and maintain a competent workforce. While most HRMS solution providers deliver software to automate many HR tasks and produce reports, most companies need more than software - which is they also need access to subject matter expertise. When introducing an HRMS, they must work with a supplier who is willing and able to provide personal advice and assistance when it is needed.

KensiumHR helps the organizations to implement the policies and rules as per the needs of the organization with the following benefits

  1. Rich out-of-the-box feature set
  2. Built on the premise that HR functions are never rigid, and requires flexibility
  3. Accessible from anywhere, with email based instant approvals for most tasks
  4. On-site, or SAAS (cloud) models
  5. Highly Configurable with dynamic workflows that capture conversations
  6. Integrated solution from recruiting of candidates to exit of employees
  7. Widget driven approach reduces information overload
  8. Integrated Task Management (beyond HR Tasks), and Employee Self-Service Portal
  9. Open API for easy integration with other applications including Accounting, Biometric or other Access Systems, etc.

While most HRMS solution providers deliver software to automate many HR tasks and produce reports, most companies need more than software - they also need access to subject matter expertise. When bringing in an HRMS, they must work with a supplier who is willing and able to provide personal advice and assistance when it is needed.

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Buffalo   We are dealer of Buffalo products
Buffalo is a global manufacturer of innovative storage, multimedia, and wireless networking products for the home and small business. The company is recognised as the Number 1 total PC peripheral manufacturer in Japan, and was the worldwide consumer NAS market leader 6 years in a row (In-Stat). The company's storage products are addressing the needs of the individual and the business, providing cost-effective network attached storage (NAS), portable and desktop hard drives, multimedia players, Wireless LAN routers and a versatile line of USB flash drives, which together offer a complete and integrated solution for the small office and digital home environment.

Buffalo's product portfolio includes its TeraStation NAS devices which are specifically designed to bring Enterprise storage to the SMB. The LinkStation range of NAS products, takes multimedia NAS to the home. The LinkStation Live & Mini enables you to create a central location to store files, photos and music, simply and easily. The Nfiniti range of easy-to-use, high performance wireless networking products for the SMB/SoHo and home user, with industry-leading AOSS (AirStation One-Touch Secure System) technology, allows users to build and manage secure wireless networks at home or in the office at the push of a button.
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