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ABBA ELECTRONICS > Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Division

Swipe card readers are widely used, and therefore familiar to many people. Swipe cards are inexpensive, and thus cost effective when many are issued. Readers are robust. Red and green LED indicators show whether a card has been accepted
The visible presence of a surveillance camera is a powerful criminal deterrent. If the camera is hidden it can gather evidence of a criminal activity. Surveillance cameras can be used anywhere and have the ability to cover large or small areas that not readily accessible otherwise.
The ideal Fire Alarm must give the earliest possible warning of a fire, but otherwise give no false alarms, and yet be easy to use, discrete in appearance and provide the user with peace of mind over many years.
Detectors include smoke and heat types and the exclusive CO carbon monoxide detector. 

Access Control

Door entry and access control systems can be supplied and fitted in a variety of styles to suit your property.Both audio and audio-visual systems are available with expandable facilities to suit more than one user. 

Fire Alarms

Automatic Fire Alarms are an essential precaution in almost any building. Safety is the main concern for you, your staff and the protection of your property.

Intruder Alarms

If As-Tec has a primary activity it has to be the installing of high-quality, reliable intruder alarm systems fitted to BS 4737 for any size domestic, commercial and industrial premises. 

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