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ID card Printers  
SD260 Card Printer

SD260 card printer. It consistently prints ID cards faster and more reliably, and at the best value on the market. The SD260 printer outperforms in its category so you can do the same in yours, whether you need a more secure workplace or a convenient solution to office identification. The SD260 printer adapts to your needs and your budget so you can print confidently.
SD360 Card Printer

Datacard® SD360™ two-sided card printer. Built with TruePick™ anti-jam card handling, the SD360 card printer meets your needs without ruining your budget. Print vibrant images at superior speeds with the help of logical soft-touch controls, all from the convenience of your desk. Competitive price and features make the SD360 printer one great value. Learn more at Datacard.com/id.
SD460 Card Printer

Safeguard Your Enterprise with Advanced Security and Durability With constant threats to your enterprise, protecting your people, premises and critical assets requires next-level strategies and technology for your ID card program. The Datacard® SD460™ card printer with a standard laminator directly addresses your concerns by delivering exceptional security and more durable cards. This card printer empowers issuers with innovative yet affordable offerings, including high-performance overlays, a unique tactile impression and a card debow feature. .
CD800 Card Printer

Print enterprise-level ID cards more efficiently with the Datacard® CD800™ card printer. Deliver high volumes of vibrant ID cards effortlessly with Datacard’s exclusive TruePick™ technology. Industry-leading print resolution up to 300 x 1200 dpi gives you sharper text, 2D bar codes and complex characters. Maximize productivity with the CD800 printer’s simple setup and easy-to-use operation. All of these innovative features, combined with a modular design and ability to field upgrade, makes the CD800 printer one great value now and in the future. Learn more at Datacard.com/id.
CD800 CLM Card Printer

Advance to the Next Level of Security and Durability Organizations including government agencies, corporations and education establishments face serious and escalating security threats. Issuers need next-level strategies and technology to help prevent ID card counterfeiting and fraud, better protect their people and facilities, and meet demands for faster service. The Datacard® CD800™ card printer with inline lamination module directly addresses your needs by delivering offerings, including high-performance overlays, a unique tactile impression, a bar code reader and a card debow feature .
CR 805 Retransfer Printer

The Entrust Datacard™ CR805™ card printer gives customers a complete, on-demand card printing solution with stunning color, card material flexibility, security features and durability they need to create virtually any type of card for their customers and employees .
SP25 PLUS Printer

Affordable and flexible dual-function printing The Datacard® SP25 Plus card printer offers both full-color/monochrome card printing and innovative rewritable card technology in a flexible, dual-function design. This unique, affordable printer is an ideal solution for low-volume applications or requirements.
Outstanding color and monochrome card printing. The SP25 Plus card printer makes it easy to produce attractive cards with high-quality, full-color or single-color photos, graphics and text. Advanced Imaging Technology™ helps ensure bold, vivid color, precise bar code printing and sharp fine-line details.
CE840 Card Embosser

The Datacard® CE840 TM instant issuance system empowers financial institutions to issue highly secure, personalized cards on demand or in low-volume batches. The single hopper CE840 system offers high-quality embossing, indenting and magnetic stripe encoding that elevates fraud protection and card aesthetics. Optional direct-to-card color printing and smart card personalization adds flexibility to this modular system. The CE840 system integrates with existing customized financial software and other applications including custom desktop issuance software offered by Datacard. This latest addition to our desktop instant issuance portfolio is also ideal for other markets such as government and retail organizations that want to enhance customer engagement efforts or implement new programs.
ID Works Software

Datacard® ID Works® identification software represents a quantum leap in photo ID card design and production. It gives you more power. More features. More customizability. And it is extremely easy to use. But most important, ID Works software features an innovative, modular design - an industry first for photo ID software. So finally, you have the freedom to choose a full package or only the individual capabilities that meet your needs.
Financial Instant Issuance:

CardWizard Software

Datacard® CardWizard® issuance software is the world’s best-selling instant issuance solution for debit and credit cards. In minutes, consumers can leave a branch or store location with a personalized, permanent and activated card. ABBA represent in UAE & Oman as Datacard’s Integrated Solution Provider ( ISP) for Financial Instant issuance CARDWIZARD® ISSUANCE SOFTWARE.
CD820 Card Printer

The Datacard® CD820 TM Instant Issuance System is an affordable instant issuance solution for financial and retail organizations. With this reliable desktop printer, attractive and secure debit cards can be issued on demand to increase customer loyalty, drive card activation rates and create cross-selling opportunities. It offers full color and monochrome direct-to-card printing along with magnetic stripe encoding, contact or contactless smart card encoding. The Datacard® CD820 TM Instant Issuance System comes with standard 100-card input hopper or optional six-hopper input. The system also meets VISA and MasterCard instant issuance security guidelines. When combined with Datacard® CardWizard® software, this printer gives consumers instant purchasing power. They can leave bank branch or store locations with personalized, activated debit and credit cards instantly low cost-per-card. Its unique 3-hopper design gives financial organizations the flexibility to issue a variety of card types instantly, improving customer satisfaction. It offers a full range of smart card and magnetic stripe encoding options, so it easily accommodates a wide range of financial card programs, including EMV® compliant card issuance. Seamless integration with Datacard® CardWizard® issuance software make this industry-leading system a perfect fit for any financial instant issuance program.
CE870 Card Embosser

Issue high-quality embossed financial cards instantly The Datacard® CE870™ instant issuance system makes it easy for financial institutions to enjoy the full benefits of instant issuance. Putting ready-to-use credit and debit cards into your customers’ hands measurably improves activation rates and card usage. It enhances cardholder satisfaction and elevates service levels. Plus, it helps reduce traditional card issuance costs, including card pre-printing, card inventory, mail packages and postage.
Central issuance ( Bureau) System:

MX1100 - Central Card Issuance Systems

Affordable and secure centralized card issuance Take your card program to the next level of efficiency for a minimal capital investment. The Datacard® MX1100™ card issuance system helps card issuers take an affordable first step into centralized card issuance. The system offers a unique combination of low cost-per-card and proven Datacard quality, reliability and ease-of-use for expanding card programs. .
MX2100 Series Quality Assurance Module Messaging

Affordable Issuance from Card to Finished Mail Package The Datacard® MX2100™ card issuance system is a highly economical and forward-thinking choice for card issuers who want true field modularity, affordability, and the latest high-volume technology. This system features innovative automated inline quality assurance capabilities and exceptionally productive smart card handling in a remarkably small footprint. When combined with our inline card delivery and envelope insertion systems, the MX2100 system provides a true card-to-finished-envelope solution.
MX6100-Central Card Issuance Systems

Complete System for Card Personalization, Delivery and Insertion Operating a high-volume card issuance program has changed. Smaller job sizes, evolving marke dynamics, demand for greater personalization and relentless cost pressure have created complex new challenges. The Datacard® MX6100™ inline card issuance system is uniquely designed to address these challenges at every step of the central issuance process — from card personalization to delivery to insertion.
MX8100-Central Card Issuance Systems

Speed, Security and Productivity — from Start to Finish The Datacard® MX8100™ card issuance system brings unrivaled speed, reliability and cost-per-card efficiency to your issuance operations. Our fastest central issuance system yet, it offers a rated speed of up to 3,000 cards per hour. True field modularity, automated inline quality assurance, and streamlined smart card handling uniquely prepare you to meet your critical challenges – including the need to enhance the consumer experience, elevated data security threats and intensified cost pressures. Combined with the inline MXD810™ card delivery system and MXi810™ envelope insertion system, the MX8100 system provides a true card-to-finished-envelope solution.
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