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Abba Electronics was born out of the former Business Systems Division of International Office Supplies. Established as an independent company in 1984, it caters to the growing market needs for high tech office equipment.

Abba Electronics comprises two separate divisions:


The major brands represented by this division are Pitney Bowes, DataCard, Rochford Thompson, A.B.Dick, AMANO and TEC – all of them major players in the global market place.

The division has established a very strong customer base and enjoys substantial market share especially in the fields of paper handling and providing complete solutions for Smart Cards. The division markets retail systems such as cash registers, barcode printers and weighing scales.

  • Amano Corporation Japan

  • Time and Attendance job recorders, ticket validators and Date and time stamping Machines

    Being the sole distributor for UAE ,We cater the following products of Amano Corporation; for U.A.E. market

    Time & Attendance machines are Simple, clean design fits any business environment. Simple & Easy operation. User friendly, simple procedure is adopted for time, permanent calendar, and pay ending day program. High quality dot matrix printer prints cleanly and clearly.

    Time Attendance and Date & Time Stamping Machine Model # BX-1500, BX-6400, EX-9600. PIX-3000, PR-600 & NS-5100

  • DataCard

  • DataCard Group, a pioneer in the field of card personalization solution, provides customers in more than 120 countries with system, software and consultative expertise. DataCard products & solutions offered by Abba Electronics in UAE:

    ID Card Desktop Issuing Solution- Card issuers prefer Datacard® printers for a variety of reasons--price, power, flexibility, quality and reliability, just to name a few. We pioneered digital card printing and have elevated the technology to unmatched levels. Our desktop printer family offers superior image quality, plug-and-play simplicity, proven reliability and your choice of smart card, magnetic stripe and bar code options. That is why you will find Datacard card printers at the heart of successful card programs worldwide.

    Embossing Solutions (Distributed Card Issuance) - Datacard continues to refine and advance the science of card embossing. Our embossing solutions set clear benchmarks for speed, quality and reliability. A wide range of desktop systems offers the solution you need to issue embossed cards securely and quickly, wherever they are needed. Optional features include color topping, magnetic stripe encoding, indent printing and smart card personalization capabilities.

    Central Card Issuance Solutions- Datacard Group has been the high-volume card issuance leader for more than 30 years. Our systems provide the speed, power and reliability you need to achieve aggressive business goals. Modular designs let you start with the capabilities you need, then add functionality as customer needs change and your card program grows.

    Datacard Certified Supplies

    Datacard certified supplies assures system-matched performance , high-quality , and seamless compatibility with your equipment. Unlike supplies from other manufacturers ,Datacard print ribbons, protective overlays, topcoats , cleaning tape and print heads are designed for your Datacard card printer.So, you can count on smooth , error-free printing and exceptional uptime.

    Smart Card Solutions

    Datacard is the preferred partner with VISA/MASTER for helping financial card issuers manage the migration to smart cards. Only Datacard offers a fully integrated infrastructure and solutions for the issuance, post-issuance and management of multi-application EMV smart cards.

    Smart Card Production Systems

    Data Card Gilles Leroux offers reliable and proven systems for smart card production. The systems available from DataCard Gilles Leroux range of products for milling, chip embedding, lamination, card punching, card counting etc required in production of chip cards.

    SYSTIME Systime , a global systems integration company that is uniquely equipped with knowledge and expertise to provide leading edge solutions for the new age. Systime is a member of the CMS Group in India and are our partners in U.A.E . The solutions offered by systime include Customized Card Personalization Software for financial and secured cards , Smart Card Solutions for your business needs and in short can be termed as a One –Stop IT solutions provider.

  • Pitney Bowes

  • Pitney Bowes is the global leader in mailing and messaging systems with annual revenue of $ 4 billion and operating in 120 countries worldwide. At ABBA we are committed towards providing world-class Pitney Bowes's solutions for the United Arab Emirates.

    Mail Creation Products

    Pitney Bowes folding and inserting systems eliminate the tedious and time consuming task of folding, inserting and sealing your business mail by hand. With a model to accommodate virtually any volume need, these systems can make a tremendous difference in how quickly your business and promotional mail gets out the door.

    Tabletop Folder - Fully automatic table top standalone folder that has been developed to eliminate your manual folding difficulties

    Office right DI200 & DI 350 table top Inserting systems- The affordable office companion that eliminates preparing mail by hand. This table top inserters automate the inserting process for maximum productivity.

    Fast Pack DI800 series modular Tabletop inserting system- Most sophisticated table top, fully modular intelligent folding & inserting system which can handle the whole range of computer generated output.

    Address Printers - Pitney Bowes Addressing Systems provide complete, professional addressing capability that gets your mail opened. When combined with Pitney Bowes Addressing Software, the system manages your address database and gives you complete control over every mailing.

    Production Mail Systems

    Pitney Bowes inserter systems provide high-speed, intelligent solutions to help high volume transactional and direct mailers achieve maximum productivity and profitability in mail processing.

    Mailing Systems

    Mail is a critical link in your company's communications network. Pitney Bowes offers a full range of systems to ensure your mail handling tasks are consistently performed at peak efficiency.

    Postage Meters - Pitney Bowes range of franking machines and mailing systems for every level of need.

    Scales- Accurate weighing can reduce postage costs by up 20% annually. Electronic scales from Pitney Bowes set the standard for mail and parcel processing with a combination of precision and efficiency that is unmatched in industry.

    Mail Processors- Paragon mail processor from Pitney Bowes is a completely automatic system, which feeds mixed mail, weighs each item and franks the correct postage value at speeds of up to 90 mail pieces per hour.

    Mail Openers - Pitney Bowes automatic Mail Openers quickly and efficiently process incoming mail so you can deposit checks faster, respond to customer inquiries quicker and free up time for more productive tasks.

    Software Solutions

    From creation through distribution, Pitney Bowes software enables businesses to achieve personal, powerful and profitable communications with their customers in paper and digital form. The products like StreamWeaver and docSence provide advanced software solutions for print stream engineering and document messaging.

  • Toshiba TEC Japan

  • Toshiba TEC Japan, An affordable highly specified scanning ECR (Electronic Cash Register) with a variety of peripherals available and outstanding performance. And also a flexible, high-speed standalone ECR, with functionality to meet the demands of all types of Retail Stores

    With its all round flexibility, stunning good looks and compact footprint, the TEC Cash Register provides an excellent solution for all types of retail store. User-friendly operation and programming compliment its functionality and provide maximum security along with speedy throughput and high print quality. Clear, detailed management reports can be produced at any time. TEC Electronic Computing Scale is versatile due to their simple operation, user friendliness and reliability, easy to read displays with optional printer.

    We cater the following products of Toshiba TEC; for U.A.E. market

    TEC Electronic Cash Register Machine Model # MA-156, MA-186, MA-1530, FS-1450, Electronic Computing Scale Model # SL-2200


    In recognition of the growth potential of the electronics market, Abba Electronics commenced its consumer electronics business in 1994. Abba Electronics markets monitors, plasma screens and LCD projectors from NEC, digital cameras and handy cams from Casio. The group has a well-organized distributor and dealer network.

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